Where And How Do I Purchase A Domain

Where And How Do I Purchase A DomainHow To Purchase A Domain For My WordPress Site

Many of you may be interested in creating a blog or a website. I recommend purchasing your own domain name, as this will reap the benefits down the road. There are many places where you can do this but I have my recommendation below. But first … why?

Why Purchase Your Own Domain?

I would like to explain why do you even want to have your own domain. This is important to understand. You can put up a website without purchasing a domain. You can save the cost of purchasing a domain but … My recommendation is to purchase your own domain name and start developing you identity with your domain. Yes, it will cost you money to purchase the domain … Yes, you will have to pay for hosting.

Look at this in the long term. Your are going to be working hard to build your site and get your message out by posting content. You will be building this from now until who knows how long. As you continue to post, your domain will gain a positive reputation and this is key on generating traffic. Content is the key ingredient to gain organic searches. This is what you want and the last thing you want to happen is to do this work and have some other domain name benefit from this.

… to explain the details of why it is beneficial to purchase your own domain and have your own hosting, please refer to this post, “Why It Is Critical To Have A Self Hosted Blog Or Website.”

I Need To Buy A Domain NameWhere To Purchase Your Domain?

There are many places that you can purchase a domain on the internet. I have used many different sites but have found one to have the best prices, discounts and most of all when you want to renew it … they do not jack up the price on you. Namecheap is the site I recommend. I have a quick link to this site, which offers discounts, from my Success Tools Page. Over the years, I have purchased many domains, from different sites and I now am moving them all over to Namecheap.

How Do I Decide What My Domain Name Should Be?

This is probably one of the biggest decisions you have to make. The selection of the domain name will have a huge impact on how you appear in the search engines and potentially how you are ranked. At the least, be sure that the niche you are in at least has that “keyword” in the domain name. Once you are in Namecheap, you just start searching for names that you think you would like to have. The most popular names will be taken but keep searching until you find one that is open. The video, in this post, expands on this in more detail.

… spend some time in deciding on a domain name. I cannot stress enough the importance of this. Building around your domain name may make a difference between ranking on the first page in Google to being placed in subsequent pages in Google. I will explain this more in other posts on this site.

Okay, Now I Have Purchased My Domain, Now What?

This next step is to have your domain hosted by a hosting company. Again, there are many options with this and prices vary. It can be a little as $5/month on up, depending on what your plans are. For convenience, and one of the reasons I use Namecheap, is that you can purchase extremely reasonable hosting right from within Namecheap.

Just look for the hosting tab from the Namecheap site. For you convenience use my link as it will get you discounted rates. At the time of doing this, Namecheap had an offer of WordPress hosting for $8.88 per year. This is for the whole year … really cannot beat this.Namecheap Checkout Utilizing Coupon Code

TIP! There are always coupon codes available for hosting and domain purchasing … specifically with Namecheap. Do a Google search for, “Coupon codes for namecheap.” Refer to the video for details. Just copy the code and in your checkout cart you will be able to insert the code to see the discount.

As a quick tip, if you are just going to to have one website, you would be safe by going with the least expensive option. If you foresee building on this and may want to have more than one domain, you can tie them all into the same hosting package. If this is the case you will want to have Reseller Hosting with cPanel and WHM. This is explained more in this article, “WHM, How To Create A New Account For Your Domain.”


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