Home Business, Not Traditional

It is incredible to now find a home business that is not traditional, consistent and really cares about its members no matter how big or small. I am resting in my comfort zone, with this Wellness Company, to find a compensation plan that is totally fair. I have come to recently find out that there are approximately 200,000 of its members making at least $100 per month in 2019. Is this a huge income? to some no … to some yes … the model is available to grow this.

I am not going to spout off figures but this one is also pretty incredible. We had a movement of over 10,000 members that have moved from the traditional MLM model to this company in 2019. Again, I am not going to mention names but it is staggering the number of well recognized MLM’s where members have switched from. All, traditional MLM’s, if they have not already done so, will be scrutinized by the FTC. If you just look in the news, the FTC is on a crackdown, and rightfully so.

I have consistently received a residual paycheck every month.

I have found stability with a company that has consumable products that are used every day. Every month I use the products but best of all so do my members. Products are not sitting in the garage with required start up packages even to get started. It does not cost anything to join the business. It is available to everyone.

Residual Paycheck

I have consistently received a residual paycheck every month. The upside is off the charts, I just have to put more work in to really make the money. It is there for the taking but it does require effort to grow the business. There are no guaranteed incomes … the only guarantee is if you get members the income will grow. What is an interesting fact is that there is a 96% reorder rate … this is only good for business.

I am doing this part-time as I already have a full-time job. I am not ready to give up full time work but in time this will be my retirement income. Please do not be fooled by guaranteed income and all kinds of promises. There is no easy path to success but when a fair framework is available you must be ready to jump at it.

Quality Products – No Harsh Chemicals

Yet did I fail to mention I love the products. Instead of purchasing them at Costco, Target or Walmart I just order what I need. It comes to my doorstep within 3 days. I would say the majority of the time, the quality far exceeds what I can purchase for at say, Walmart. The price point is the same and over half time is less expensive.

Harsh chemicals, that destroy the environment, are not used … cleaning products are always shipped in concentrated form. Mix up what you need and how strong you want it. The nutrition line is all backed by scientific study.

Stability – The Wellness Company

It is now wonder this company has grown since 1986 … it is the same company but only is much larger now. It has maintained it will not sell out to the nutrition giants and will remain privately owned. You will hear more about this in the coming years as they are planning to do more on social media. Every promise and every commitment they have made to me have not been broken.

Traditional MLM is not cutting it, in this day and age

I have found a home and plan to stay. If you are interested in learning more, go to my contact page and get hold of me. I would be glad to share what I know and we may even be able to do business. Traditional MLM is not cutting it, in this day and age. There is no stability here and only a few ever make the money.

This is a business to last a lifetime.

You have noticed I did not mention the company by name. We have procedures and policy to follow. Honestly, I like what is being done. Again, get hold of me and I can give you more details. If you know me, I am sure you know who the company is. I will not promise you anything or make any guarantees … this is the wrong way to do business. This is a business to last a lifetime.

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