Logging Into WordPress Basic Settings

How to Login to WordPressHow To Login To WordPress

To get into the backend of your WordPress site you are going to want to get to your WordPress login screen. It will be your domain name followed by “wp-admin.” If your domain is xyz.com then you will go to xyz.com/wp-admin. Here you will put your username and password.


Recommendation: Setup your username to be something different than “admin.” This will help protect you against hackers logging into your WordPress backoffice. “Admin” is the default username and you can change this when you initially setup your website.

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How To Set Nameservers With Your Registrar

How To Set Your Nameservers With Your RegistrarPointing Nameservers With Your Registrar

If you have your hosting and your domain purchase from the same company you probably will not have to worry about this. Many times your domains are purchased at one site, your registrar, and your host of your servers is at a different site or with a different company. This is simple to correct … it is a matter of pointing the nameservers to the hosting site. An example would be that your purchase your domains from Namecheap and your servers are hosted with A2 Hosting.Continue reading

Where And How Do I Purchase A Domain

Where And How Do I Purchase A DomainHow To Purchase A Domain For My WordPress Site

Many of you may be interested in creating a blog or a website. I recommend purchasing your own domain name, as this will reap the benefits down the road. There are many places where you can do this but I have my recommendation below. But first … why?

Why Purchase Your Own Domain?

I would like to explain why do you even want to have your own domain. This is important to understand. You can put up a website without purchasing a domain. You can save the cost of purchasing a domain but … My recommendation is to purchase your own domain name and start developing you identity with your domain. Yes, it will cost you money to purchase the domain … Yes, you will have to pay for hosting.Continue reading